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The Spectrogram is the monthly newsletter for S*T*A*R Astronomy. It is published around the beginning of the month, September through June.

Are you interested in writing for the Spectrogram? Here are some guidelines for producing an article. If you need more information, or would like to talk to the editor about an idea, send an email to

  • Articles should be about something astronomy related, and of interest to club members.
  • All material used becomes copyright you, the author. Publishing in the newsletter does not preclude you from publishing later in another publication.
  • If you have an article from somewhere that you'd like to see in the Spectrogram, please get written permission from the author or publisher before asking us to print it.
  • If you have an article idea, but don't feel you are a good enough writer, don't worry. We can help.
  • If your article needs diagrams, but you don't feel you are a good artist, don't worry. We can help.
  • Please try to keep articles short and to the point.
  • There's no guarantee that your article will appear in a particular issue. If your article is timely (e.g. no sense publishing an article about the coming Leonids in December), we'll do our best. To publish an article in a particular issue, we needs to get it by the beginning of the previous month (e.g. to get in the November issue, we need to have the article by the beginning of October).
  • We reserve the right to edit article submissions as needed for space and other considerations of the newsletter.
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