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Discussion Board Rules

Discussion Board Rules
There are rules for posting on this discussion board. Why? Because this discussion board is read by thousands of people and represents our club to the world. When you post here you are not just chatting with a buddy, you are standing on a podium with a "STAR" banner on it, addressing a huge audience. So, here are the rules:



Directions to our meetings

STAR meetings are held on the first Thursday of each month (except for July and August) at Monmouth Museum.

From the Garden State Parkway, take exit 109 onto Newman Springs Rd. West (right turn at end of exit). Keep going until you get to the traffic circle. Turn left at the traffic circle, and make the first right. Go to the last parking lot.



Club Information

S*T*A*R, The Society of Telescopy, Astronomy, and Radio, has promoted amateur astronomy since 1957 when it was organized by an energetic group of observers who participated in Project Moonwatch, a program in which a worldwide network of observers tracked the path of Sputnik among the stars of the night sky to obtain information on how the earth's atmosphere affects satellite orbits. This group soon evolved into an amateur astronomy club which was incorporated under its present name in 1969.


Member Application Form

                        S*T*A*R Astronomy Society, Inc
Membership Application Form
Memberships: Publications available Through S*T*A*R ( ) Individual....$35 Sky & Telescope magazine...$32.95 ( ) Family........$45 Astronomy magazine.........$34.00 ( ) Student.......$15 Please Print: Name__________________________________ Address_______________________________ City______________________State___Zip________ Phone__________________________ E-mail_________________________ Make check payable to: STAR Astronomy Society, Inc.
and drop it off at a meeting,
   or send to us at     P.O. Box 863
Red Bank, NJ, 07701
You can now use Paypal to join or renew your membership via Credit card or Paypal account Click here to join/renew online Membership year starts with the first meeting in September and runs for one year. Publications are not included in membership dues, but are available through S*T*A*R at club discount rates. Subscriptions amounts must be paid in full before S*T*A*R will enter them.

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